Yogyakarta, used to be called Yogya is the capital city of the particular province of south middle part of Java island. Yogya is a city of culture, and also a center of higher education establishments.

In term of tourist destination in Indonesia Yogya takes comfortably the second position after Bali. Two important tourist attraction are located in this region, Borobudur and Prambanan Temple, both are world heritage now. Less important archeological sites can be found throughout the region, which indicate how important the role of this region in the past, prior to the arrival of Islam in Indonesia. One of those minorsites are the ruins of Ratu Boko, a spectacular and enigmatic ruins.

Located on top of a hill the ruins of Ratu Boko, with remnants of stone contruction spread all ovber the place, should have had a gloriouspast in the short period where Hinduism was coming to an end. The other temple Mendut is located near Borobudur and and visible in the way to get there. Yogyakarta is about one hour flight from Bali, and almost the same from Jakarta. We give you some proposals in term of program to visit this beautiful region.

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