Other Destination

We feature in this site The Other Destinations, a set of tour programs which covers nearly all major tourist destinations in Indonesia. This option is made possible by the cooperation between Ijen Resort and Villas and Alfa Ariantours, its sister company.

Alfa Ariantours is a licenced travel company based in Denpasar-Bali. With 20 years experience in the profession Alfa Ariantours has been composing tour programs all over Indonesia, inventing new combination to visiting this country in the most efficient way in term of time consuming, value of the destinations and the practicability in on the ground with details of the visits.

Alfa Ariantours has a long and rich experience in handling mostly European passengers. It has been an official representative of one of the biggest French tour operator for 16 years.

We will be very happy to be in position to provide you these services, in a way we propose our programs or the way you wish to do your exploration and discovery, with our precious suggestion and advises.

*) reference will be given upon inquiry.