It is an expanded city with more than 10 million inhabitants. From Jakarta international airports it takes about an hour to get to the center of the city.

With dense traffics and nearly traffic jam in every corner and crossroad it would be difficult to calculate the time to get to a certain point in town. But taxis are every where and it is not expensive. We recommend you the blue taxis with counter.

Visiting Jakarta by yourself needs ample time and patience. And practically there are not many things to discover in this city except some Museums located in the center and old part of the City, the shopping malls and the Sunda Kelapa traditional harbor. A modern and very popular amusement park Ancol is located on the north near the coastline and the Taman Mini cultural Center which exposes various traditional houses from around the country is located in the south of this huge city.

We give you proposal of packages covering Jakarta and Bandung, and a long one, Jakarta along with the whole rests of important tourist destinations in Yogya, Bromo and Bali.

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