The hotel organizes tours to the craters and other interesting sites in the region. Please contact our information desk.


an early wake-up call and breakfast, a four-wheel drive vehicle carries you through the rural villages, coffee and clove plantations and then into one of Java’s last rainforests. Humidity, wildlife, giant ferns and big trees cover the slope of the mountain, to arrive at the Park Ranger’s station to begin the 90 minute hike to Ijen Crater, along a shady track with spectacular views. The stunning view is unveiled at 2380 meters altitude. The lake eerie color and smoke wafting from bright yellow sulfur deposits create the landscape desolate, barren and vibrantly alive. Watching miners descend into the crater and re-emerge carrying up to 80 kilos of ore on bamboo basket along the treacherous path. Afterward walk down the mountain and drive back to the hotel for shower.


Leaving in the morning to a beautifully located plantation of coffee. This is one of the many plantations, which was established by Dutch colonial government in this area. Banyuwangi has a concentration of plantations of coffee, cocoa, clove and rubber. All those plantations are still very well maintained and represent the most important economic resource of in the area. The visit covers the coffee plant, the plantation itself and the social and cultural side of the life of the planters and its labor inhabitants.

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